"A prince, desperate to marry for love not political gain, is drawn to an enchanted lake where he meets a woman cursed to live out her days as a swan. Together they must learn how to break the curse before time runs out for both of them..."

The Swan Lake is a narrative fiction retelling the classic tale Swan Lake. Choose to play as Prince Siegfried and learn how he feels stuck in a family who would rather see him marry for political gain than for love. Or play as the Queen of the Swans, a woman cursed by an evil enchanter to live out her days as a swan.  Only with each other can they find a way to break the curse upon the lands and Odette.

Featuring beautiful imagery, and snapshots from The Australian Ballet's production of Swan Lake in 2016, The Swan Lake aims to ignite the passion for ballet within its' players' hearts.

Author's Note: 

The Swan Lake is currently still in production. Only the first act is available, though there will be more updates soon, so please stay tuned to find out the fate of our beloved Odette and Siegfried!

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